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Press Release

London 05/19/2012

DHL brings in jogging couriers to carry out deliveries during the summer of 2012

DHL is bringing in a team of jogging couriers to help with deliveries in London during the summer of 2012. JogPost, a delivery company that solely uses on foot couriers, has been contracted by DHL to carry out crucial business deliveries by foot and public transport, as road congestion, increased security and an additional 5.3 million visitors in London could impact deliveries for businesses.

A select group of jogging couriers will join the DHL workforce supporting the delivery of the 50,000 shipments, which are handled in the capital each day. As well as delivering shipments direct from DHL Service Centres in London; the JogPost couriers will also team up with driving couriers for the final mile of shipments in congested areas or in those areas vehicles cannot access during the summer.

Having on-foot deliveries is the swiftest and most efficient way to ensure that businesses are getting deliveries on time as it eliminates the problem of disruption from traffic, which is estimated to increase on London’s core routes by more than 30%. Additionally, it is a sustainable and carbon efficient solution to the issue of congestion.

Phil Couchman, CEO of DHL Express UK and Ireland, commented: “The prospect of major disruption in the capital this summer is a concern for many companies. Some businesses are already buying storage in the city in preparation for this busy time, at DHL we are developing solutions, such as the use of jogging couriers, that will negate the need for that additional expense.

“Keeping London moving is a priority for us; our customers expect their critical deliveries to arrive on time regardless of what’s happening in London. By using innovative delivery methods we are able to sustain our high service levels during what will be a busy time for businesses, and also reduce our carbon footprint by sending fewer vehicles into the city.”

JJ Harding, co-founder of JogPost , commented: “Thinking and planning ahead is vital during a time when we will undoubtedly see significant congestion in London. We are delighted to partner with DHL to ensure a reliable, consistent service for its customers in what will be a challenging time for some businesses in the city. Using joggers to carry out deliveries has the potential to be a viable and environmentally-positive solution well beyond the Olympics.”

DHL has robust plans in place to ensure that customers located in areas where disruption is expected, such as around the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks, continue to receive regular collections with minimal disruption. Throughout the Games, DHL will have a dedicated Operations Control Centre working around the clock that will constantly monitor issues, such as changes to the network and localised congestion; this will enable DHL to instantly adapt network plans and maintain its high service quality.